Course Design And Development


At FocusEduvation, we tailor the online format to reflect your distinctive pedagogy, whether it involves empowering learners as change agents, incorporating experiential learning, or fostering a sense of community. We collaborate closely with faculty to emphasize interdisciplinary learning, reflection, and outreach. Following our collaborative ethos, we employ an adaptable Instruct || Engage || Apply course design strategy. Grounded in constructivism, this student-centered, outcome-oriented approach considers structure, content, learner engagement, and technology. It ensures a holistic learning experience by addressing instructional presence, cognitive engagement, and social interaction in your courses.




Facilitate learning and comprehension of new concepts, processes, and skills.



How intrinsically motivated and invested students are in the learning process and how much they regulate and take ownership of it.



Create opportunities for learners to demonstrate their understanding of concepts and knowledge to generate new ideas

Program Planning and Development

Here are the component areas of program planning and development stages:


  • Institutional Pedagogy
  • Curriculum Mapping
  • Assessment Plan
  • Teaching Standards
  • Technology Approach
  • Course Design Convention
  • Student Feedback Strategy
  • Student Orientation Program
  • Faculty Training & Development

Course Development

Design and development of a course designed to meet learning outcomes represent the program’s distinctiveness and fully engage learners. Course content is comprised of learning activities, formative and summative assessments, peer collaboration elements, and faculty presence elements. Additionally, there are dynamic components including interactive third-party technologies such as games, virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR), etc.

Course Management

Semester Setup: This encompasses cloning and enrolment of sections, management of gradebooks, and due date alignment, all underscored by a thorough quality assurance process.

Courses Formatted for LMS: We offer a comprehensive solution encompassing system assessment, meticulous configuration, seamless migration, expert content mapping, structured project management, and precise porting of all course elements. This ensures that your transition to a new LMS is seamless, efficient, and optimized for continued educational excellence.

Media Development & Video Production

A variety of media assets are offered to meet the specific needs of each institution. Each encompasses the development of media strategy, planning, media packages, and production of course elements to include a mix of graphics, complex and/or simple interactive activities, and also video production as a stand-alone service to meet course needs. We also provide custom design and development of learning games, and interactive graphics.

Design Awards

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