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Our instructional designers have years of experience in developing new courses and re-designing existing courses. The structure on which an online learning program or course depends is instructional design. This serves as the framework or course to ensure that the very foundation of the design has a stable infrastructure to build upon and thrive on. Our teaching design theory begins with an overview of what must be achieved.


At Focus EduVation, we follow these comprehensive instructional design standards to create effective e-learning courses.

Here are some standards that encompass various aspects of course development:

  • Course Purpose Expression
  • Instructional Objectives
  • Consistency with Content
  • Presentation and Facilitation
  • Practice and Feedback
  • Engagement Techniques
  • Assessment of Learning

The instructional design team plays a crucial role in the course development process, including:

  • Course Architecture Planning
  • Course Objectives Definition
  • Course Development
  • Content Creation
  • Course Review
  • ADA Compliance

The Virtual Learning Methodology utilizes interactive elements and diverse approaches to optimize engagement, understanding, and retention in virtual learning courses. Practical methods for creating virtual learning modules are outlined, including:

  • Experiential Learning: Building around Exercises for Knowledge Transfer
  • Progressive Competency: designing gradual practice paths
  • Interactive Engagement: proposing well-explained exercises
  • Visual Appeal: Enhancing Engagement with Visuals
  • Offline Self-Assessment: Offering Printable Exercises with Self-Evaluation
  • Virtual Exploration: incorporating informative virtual tours
  • Real-World Application: introducing reflective tasks
  • Storytelling Context: Using Stories for Observation-Based Learning
  • Sharing and Reflection: encouraging learner participation
  • Reinforced Learning: Booster Quizzes for Key Information
  • Information Repetition: reiterating critical concepts across methods
  • Post-Course Insights: sending essential information after completion
  • Varied Learning Aids: Providing Alternate Media for Retention Enhancement

We at Focus EduVation adhere to adult learning theory (andragogy), guided by six assumptions about adult learners. Leveraging these theories, Focus EduVation's Instructional Designers craft courses to:

  • Align content with learners' perceived needs for relevance.
  • Design instructional strategies that mirror real-world contexts.
  • Select suitable technology to support these strategies.
  • Plan strategies suited for digitally-connected and on-the-go adult learners.

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