At FocusEduSolutions, we intend to build, market, and support a series of industry-relevant corporate mandated certificates. Unlike other credentials currently in the market, we intend to create a strong alignment with the industry’s skill needs that further align with the industry and specific job titles. Content built for the certificates will be highly application-based, focusing on practicum and real-world applications. These certificates will also be supported through company specific Use-Cases, Cultural Orientations, and Mentoring from industry executives. The curriculum and the pedagogy will be mapped to deliver a highly engaging asynchronous online learning experience with interactive scenario-based learning objects, decision-based simulations, and interactive case studies.

As part of our ongoing initiatives, we intend to build certificates in Retail, Retail Management, Supply Chain and Supply Chain Management.

The job description below entails onboarding a subject matter expert in the area of Retail and Retail Management with specific experience as a retail trainer, sales trainer or similar role.

About the Job

As a subject matter expert in the area of Retail, you must have advanced knowledge and skill set in developing content in one or more following areas, but not limited to:

  • Merchandising
  • Cash Operations
  • Retail Operations
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Managing Teams

The Subject Matter Expert (SME) will be responsible for developing and providing content for the Retail and retail Management certificate program. To deliver our Retail programs at scale, we want the subject matter experts (SMEs) to develop a hyper-modularized curriculum divided into small discrete modules or units that are independent, non sequential, and typically short in duration.

Job Type : Part-time

Job Roles and Responsibilities

  • Architect and scope curriculum topics and individual lesson plan with minimal guidance.
  • Write and review content on the required subject
  • Create student-facing activities that complement lesson plans and allow students to practice what they have learned.
  • Collaborate with the Instructional Design team to determine the learner’s needs and characteristics
  • Create a course description and course sequencing
  • Develop the course objectives based on the content and ensure that each purpose is adequately connected to the content.
  • Create both formative and summative assessments and assignments using the learning objectives
  • Determine and develop additional appropriate resources for the learners.
  • Instruct development team on presentation of the content in a consistent and organized manner.
  • Develop and sequence the content that should allow students to demonstrate mastery of course standards. Pre-tests, multiple learning paths, etc., may be utilized.
  • Develop content for asynchronousdelivery consistent with learning outcomes and module components.
  • Collaborate with industry partners as a subject-matter expertise by drawing upon hands-on-experiences, knowledge, case studies, and emerging industry trends to develop company specific use cases
  • Collaborate with industry partners as a subject-matter expertise by drawing upon hands-on-experiences, knowledge, case studies, and emerging industry trends to develop company specific cultural orientations
  • Design post-course assessments that adequately measure the learner’s mastery of key job-related skills


  • Any degree in Business Management or related field
  • Additional certification in training is a plus


  • Seven (7) years of hands-on experience working in the field of retail in a management role.
  • A minimum of three (3) years of experience in online curriculum design and development for adult learners in a corporate training environment.
  • Five (5) years of experience teaching or providing training programs on topics related to Retail Sales and Retail Management.

Required Skills and Knowledge

  • Demonstrate writing ability, research, and write new content.
  • A self-starter who can take ownership over their work and successfully implement feedback when provided.
  • Strong knowledge of merchandising, cashiering, sales, customer service, loss prevention, retail management and retail strategy.
Job Type: Part Time

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