Collaboration with Focus EduSolutions entails building a suite of college-branded online Professional Certificates, Digital Badges, and Microcredentials. These certificates are specifically customized to meet the up-skilling and re-skilling requirements of the workforce.

The goal is to ensure that such certificates address the workforce skills that are ‘in-demand’. The Certificates are an outcome of a collaboration with the University and a potential partnership with the industry/ community/ local chambers of commerce, regional or national workforce council.

How Does It Work?

Focus EduSolutions can devise and define a customized model to meet the credential’s specific requirements. A work scope that will include preliminary research to validate the certificate-potential, the development of the online courses leading to a certificate, partnerships with the industry/ local, regional workforce communities, and a full-fledged brand and program paid-marketing initiative.

The services will also include managing the student’s enrollment lifecycle, fully hosted ‘University Branded’ platform/ learning management system driven through a single sign-on from the college’s website. Helpdesk-support and virtual teaching assistance/ faculty on demand (optional).
At Focus Edusolutions, we are motivated to build and grow newer certificates portfolio once the university’s partnership has commenced.

Market Research and Marketing Services

Preliminary market research will include market segmentation, identifying skills-in-demand, review job reports, current and future hiring trends, target demographic, and the available skill sets that have the potential to migrate.

Our paid marketing services will ensure the right selection of the target medium and that the messaging is consistent with the program’s needs and overall goals.

Courses and Content

Courses will include curriculum design, creation of frameworks, and digital content development. Courses will be focused on real-world, experiential learning that will consist of decision-based simulations and interactive case studies. The duration of such custom certificates will be established based on the specific ‘time to complete’ expectations and research-outcomes. Usually, the time frame for a certificate-completion can range from 12-16 weeks. 

Courses are built in partnership with the University and delivered on the ‘FEV Learn’ LMS. Focus EduSolutions will create the necessary landing pages customized to each certificate program. The design, layout, and branding of the courses will be consistent with the university web pages.