Implementation Process

The implementation process for a new project usually commences by setting an agenda and a project-scope timeline that is illustrated in a schedule. The schedule is prescriptive and is open and negotiable. We tag each scheduled milestone based on the tasks and the outcomes required to be delivered.

Agile Approach

We have a very agile and tactical approach to initiating the project. It is very important that we fully understand the stated goals of new programs and specifically ensure that our client shares a record of past successes on related or even a similar project. This enables us to be very prescriptive and ask the right questions during the initial start/ project kick-off meetings.

6 Variables

We usually follow a templated regimen to source information; however, these expectations are usually modulated based on the kind and nature of inputs made available.

Our planning and execution strategy including media-spends is meted out based on the following 6 variables

  1. Undertaking a situational analysis
  2. Setting a clear objective
  3. Devising strategy
  4. Adopting a variety of tactics
  5. Planning the actions and execute
  6. Managing the services, through effective control. This includes reporting and undertaking course correction at appropriate intervals

Success Metrics

We need to gauge the right expectations and the role of each stakeholder in the project. We ask our clients to explicitly capture the success metrics that matter. These success metrics are the beacon to providing the right direction to the teams and also set and align to the bigger goals leading to producing a robust qualitative-Leads /Program inquiry pipeline that can demonstrate measurable ROI.

Any new project can be a cultural nightmare, and we ensure that, at the very beginning, we review and calibrate what to expect and by when. We understand that every project needs to be executed by humans, and the human factor with all challenges it can potentially manifest is realistically assessed and acknowledged.