Course Production and Implementation

We believe close collaboration between subject matter experts, faculty, and instructional designers is the key to designing effective and engaging online learning experiences. Initially, we will work with you to ensure that the College distinctive pedagogy is defined, and we will determine how best to translate this instructional philosophy to the online medium. We strive to incorporate unique elements of your instructional philosophy into a customized online format, whether they focus on ensuring that your students have an opportunity to be agents of change, perform action research, utilize experiential learning, or participate in a community of inquiry.

Services and Support

  • Institutional Pedagogy
  • Curriculum Mapping
  • Assessment Plan
  • Teaching Standards
  • Technology Approach
  • Course Design Convention
  • Student Feedback Strategy
  • Student Orientation Program
  • Faculty Training & Development


Course Development

  • Design and development of a course designed to meet learning outcomes represent the program’s distinctiveness and fully engage learners.
  • Course content is comprised of learning activities, formative and summative assessments, peer collaboration elements, and faculty presence elements.
  • Dynamic components including, interactives, third-party technologies. Games, VR, AR, etc.

Course Management

  • Semester Setup
  • Cloning and enrollment of sections, grade book and due dates, QA check.
  • Courses formatted for LMS Includes review of system configuration, course level settings, migration configuration, mapping of content, project management. and porting of all elements to the new system.

Media Development & Video Production

A variety of media assets are offered to meet the specific needs of each institution. Each encompasses the development of media strategy, planning, media packages, and production of course elements to include a mix of graphics, complex and/or simple interactive activities, and video.