Advising: Scalable

You are searching for scalable, effective solutions for student advising at an affordable price point.  Scalable means that within two months of completing the initiation of services, a fully staffed and trained team of advisors are ready to meet your institution’s needs.

Advising: Effective

Effective in that all student needs are met without interaction from in house staff.  Affordable since our advisors are not part of the college pay structure and retained at a lower overall cost.

What do we offer?

    1. Virtual one on one orientation
    2.  Topics
      1. Overview of College Life
      2. Review of College Practices
      3. Personal Evaluation (important for transfer students)
      4. Review of Plan of study
      5. Choosing Courses
      6. Time Management and Study Habit Check-in
      7. A student in Need of Services Check
    3.  Benefits
      1. Provides personal touch (creates community)
      2. Allows for questions and answers
      3. Catches at-risk students and connects them with services
      4. Creates a connection with advisor and college


Advising services can be divided into to parts active and proactive.  Active advising is composed of the more traditional elements of advising.  These are your registration or pre-term meetings with students.  Topics include appropriate classes to take, checks to make sure students do not need services, and connecting them to information or departments as needed.  Proactive advising includes early semester check-ins, monitoring course engagement, and communication with instructors concerning at-risk students.