Student Acquisition and Enrollment Management

Predictive Modeling

Our predictive modeling is based on the implementation of a successful backward integration process. Profiling our target audience by creating non-homogeneous subsets of diverse groups that demonstrate different attributes including, but not limited to demographics, and a variety of variables about life-changing circumstances enables us to create cohesive persona-based groups so that the messaging and targeting can be measured against perceived outcomes.


Our approach is multi-layered that is timed and assigned different levels. This helps our teams to manage the expectations effectively.

During the early stages, we map the traditional outcomes to the personas, and based on the outcomes of the initial impact of our strategy-implementation, we make the necessary feedback contingent-course correction in our 1-1 outreach and marketing campaigns. All process outcomes are documented and reported timely to the client.

Each subset is allocated a target outcome, and a score is assigned based on assigned metrics. We also make an effort to identify outliers with every group. This is effectively profiled based on trial outreach and progressive prototyping of the messaging and measuring the impacts thereof. All outcomes are measured and scored.

We may have to make full-scale adjustments to the already defined personas based on the feedback received from the trial outreach.

We adopt several well-researched criteria, and we measure responses in a variety of ways. We are fully aware that we cannot address all the circumstances impacting the stopped out students towards pursuing/continuing with the program.


The services will include, but not limited to, the following efforts:

    • Outreach: Targeted email campaigns offering a solution specific to the hypothesis students in a subcategory.
    • Prioritize Outreach: High-value leads are identified and prioritized over students who are less likely to respond to outreach.
    • Support Services: Persistence and student satisfaction are heavily dependent on the student having their needs not only met but anticipated and readily available.  Success Coaching uses personas to address student (customer) services is excellent.

Continual adjustment is required to increase the relevance of the modeling used with the personas.  As a relevant sample size is achieved, modeling is applied in a predictive fashion.  Modeling is also used to create benchmarks, track process improvement, and inform services of expected caseloads from re-enrolment successes.