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Online Faculty Staffing Services

Who Said There Is No Such Thing As An Educational Emergency?

Focus EduVation is proud to hold the most extensive network in the US of professors, lecturers, adjunct faculty, and subject matter experts. We have evolved to be the best content and curriculum specialists through our 12+ years of experience developing hundreds of diverse eLearning courses for Higher Education. We thus have a good command of the expectations from universities and other educational institutions. Focus EduVation’s innovation team has continuously provided you with the best educational tools and methodologies.


Our Online Academic Staffing Services is equipped to –

  • Provide experts on any subject you need
  • Deployment of up to 200 faculty members in as short as 10 to 12 days
  • End to End support
  • SMEs create content on any topic
  • Adjunct faculty to engage students on a long- or short-term basis for any subjects
  • Instructors to support students asynchronously or synchronously
  • Virtual Training Assistants for synchronous and asynchronous learning support for students

In short, you can schedule courses for your students and reach out to us for Online Academic Staffing. In addition to the above services, Focus EduVation can also support you with the development of eLearning courses or Learning Management System (LMS) to deploy your courses, curriculum creation support, and many more.

Our Virtual Learning Advantage

Apart from the flexibility in time and convenience for faculty and students, access to the most relevant and concise content, students gain the expected attention from our faculty members with decades of online teaching and content creation experience. Unlike a traditional classroom where only front-row students usually get attention, virtual classes are set to be a great advantage to most students who are traditionally hesitant to interact in person.

Case Study

Focus EduVation recently executed a massive task by supplying course Instructors for 300+ courses. The overall requirement to deployment timeframe was 14 days.


One of the leading institutions had their students enrolled; however, they needed faculty for about 300+ courses. The institution approached us for a solution. 30% of the courses were in high-need and vocational areas.



Focus EduVation’s Chief Human Capital Manager had categorized the courses based on the immediate availability of qualified faculty. It deployed the best of the faculty for 200 of the institution’s courses in less than a week. A team focused on the high need and vocational courses. In contrast, team members confirmed the parameters for online course instructors, such as online teaching experience, specialized lab courses, LMS ability, immediate availability, etc. Further, the course instructors were found and deployed in another 7 to 10 days for the remaining courses. We organized an orientation session and provided appropriate just-in-time learning content to upgrade the instructors to make their contributions effective. The institution was extremely satisfied with the quick results and the quality of the adjunct faculty.


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