Noelle Kendrick

Director of Industry Partnerships

Dr. Noelle Kendrick is the Director of Industry Partnerships at Focus EduSolutions, where she creates partnerships between colleges/universities and industry partners, to develop micro-credentials that address the skills gaps in American industries. Noelle brings a variety of leadership skills and experiences in her background that allow her to be successful in navigating the needs and cultures of both higher education and the industry, forming successful partnerships that are revolutionizing the workforce. She specializes in systems thinking and organizational learning for optimal performance across industries.

Noelle is a dynamic professional with a vast background that spans leadership in several industries including the ed-tech industry, e-commerce business development, higher education administration and partnership development, collegiate instruction and instructional design, K-12 education, municipal government, and the United States Army. She is a veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars.

Noelle has held a public office as a City Commissioner in North Carolina and serves on a variety of public, private, and institutional boards. She has also been an award-winning college professor that has taught at four institutions of higher education in the schools of business, liberal arts, continuing and professional education, and political science.  She teaches for highly practical application in the workplace environment and connection to current industry trends. She specializes in adult, veteran, and professional education that is highly applied to the work environment.

Noelle holds a Doctorate of Education and Organizational Leadership from Northeastern University, a Master’s Degree in Public Policy and Public Administration from Northwestern University, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Campbell University.

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