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We offer all elements of a world-class technical support department- yet we transcend to the next level. In our enhanced tech support model, our professionals exceed the basic tech support to build “standard operating procedure” documents along with a search knowledgebase for self-service tech support. We can train faculty and students to use applications such as your LMS, ZOOM, and a variety of other applications.

Enhanced Tech Support includes:

  • Building Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Documents
  • Design/ Custom Implementation of Tech Support Campaigns
  • 24/7 Telephone, Chat and Email Support
  • Academic/ Technical Support
  • Building Online-Student Orientation Sessions Content
  • Webinars for Faculty/ Students
  • Recording Your Lectures: Assistance with Recording Lectures using Panopto or Camtasia.
  • Meeting Your Students Online: Assistance with Scheduling Class Meetings using Zoom Video Conferencing.
  • Enabling Zoom for Virtual Office Hours- Meet with Students Via Webcam; Share a Computer Screen or Collaborate using Zoom’s Whiteboard Feature.


To ensure that we can solve your issue promptly and efficiently, please have the following available:

  • Focus EduVation product user details
  • Service Request/Ticket number if you are calling about an existing case.
  • Access and permissions to the computer where the affected product is running.


Focus EduVation encourages customers to use our online service request logging tool “Service Request Manager.” Customers can open a service request online, update and view service request status online, and receive notifications when we have updated your service request.

Customers may also email Focus EduVation technical support at  When accessing technical support via email, please provide the following:

  • Email Subject line: Product/user details Service Request number (if an ongoing case).
  • Email Body: School/District name, contact’s name, and phone number, a brief description of the problem.


Focus EduVation technical support is intended to assist, troubleshoot, and resolve specific issues resulting from the use of Focus EduVation products on a supported platform that meets the technical pre-requisites set by Focus EduVation. Problems arising from a need for training, implementation services, and customization (scripting) are not generally included with technical support. They may be referred to our professional services and technical training organizations to contract for the services appropriate to the need.

Technical Support for supported products is available via a variety of contact methods, which include the Focus EduVation Knowledgebase, online support request, and telephone support during scheduled support hours for current software versions. The ongoing support status information for each product can be found on each of the product landing pages under “Version Support.” Technical support reserves the right to request that a customer upgrades to the current version to resolve a known problem or technical issue. The provision of technical support does not imply that Focus EduVation will fix software defects or make changes to the software.


Focus EduVation technical escalations are managed through the technical support engineer working on the case. The technical support engineer can engage the appropriate support resources such as senior support, development, product management, quality engineering, and Technical Support management while continuing to interface with the customer effectively. This time-proven approach has yielded the best results from a customer perspective by providing consistent and accurate accounts of the situation to management and customers and ultimately minimizing the overall resolution time cycle.

Customers may request an escalation at any time for either technical or customer service reasons by sending an email to Upon receipt of your request, the support engineer working the case, the Technical Team Lead, and the appropriate management staff will be notified. During regular business hours, you should receive a reply in one (1) hour or less.


  • Focus EduVation follows set processes for the submission, assignment, response, analysis or problem determination, monitoring, and closure or the resolution of service requests.
  • Should an issue be a previously unknown and unreported defect in Focus EduVation software, the issue can be submitted to Focus EduVation as a bug report.
  • Focus EduVation follows established escalation procedures, including a critical situation process. You may request a technical or management escalation at any time.
  • It may be necessary for Focus EduVation to dial into your systems remotely. This is done only with your permission, and you have control over which systems our company accesses.
  • Focus EduVation provides a comprehensive set of support knowledge and tools to enable you to get the most from your Focus EduVation technology.


The following items are generally excluded from Focus EduVation technical support:

  • Operating systems and third-party applications
  • Alterations, customizations or revisions to the Focus EduVation software made by the customer or Focus EduVation Professional Services teams (unless otherwise agreed) or any third party
  • Continued support for issues for which Focus EduVation has provided corrections not implemented by the customer or data requested from the customer but not provided
  • Enhancement requests
  • Alpha or Beta versions of Focus EduVation software
  • Free or no-cost Focus EduVation software products and tools


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