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Virtual Teaching Assistants

Increasing Human Interaction In The Online Classroom

Do your students and faculty struggle to have an effective online learning experience? Do they have challenges using the technology associated with online learning? A Virtual Teaching Assistant can help!

The Virtual Teaching Assistant (VTA) assists instructors with classroom setup and connectivity, answers content-related questions submitted by students in a timely and professional manner and addresses technical difficulties. VTAs complete student achievement and progress reports and document the classroom experience to ensure quality control.

The VTA is just a click away! We can build your VTA environment in 7 to 10 days. A Virtual Teaching Assistant (VTA) can facilitate the classroom experience to ensure a quality educational environment for the instructor and students.


What Does A VTA Do? –


Deliver high-quality one-to-one and small group support using structured interventions. Performs course content support tasks, leading to student retention and engagement. Functions as an extension to the faculty and works as a dedicated resource in self-enrolled or self-paced courses.


All VTAs have expertise in course content, the ability to provide exceptional student support, excellent time management, and organizational skills. They can troubleshoot and thrive in a fast-paced virtual education environment. They can work effectively in a remote/virtual workplace.


Reports weekly to the faculty/department head on the progress of student progress and sessions. Maintains open communication for any ongoing queries/questions. Uses student achievement data to support instructional decisions.


Facilitate the online experience to ensure a quality environment for the instructor and students. Coordinate with technical help desk on student tech support issues. Execute presentations and webinars via web-conferencing tools.

How It Works

We Can Build Your VTA Environment In 7 To 10 Days.


An initial meeting before the start of the virtual-sessions will ensure that VTA captures all the primary concerns/questions across various topics, learning objects that will need specific focus. At the same time, the synchronous sessions are being established.


The VTA will be provided access to content/textbooks and digital resources that are currently being referred or delivered to the students in the classroom. These resources can also be procured or sourced by us to speed the process.


All sessions will be scheduled by the student with the virtual teaching assistant. A scheduling calendar will be provided by Focus EduVation, which will enable the student to schedule a session with the virtual teaching assistant.


The sessions will be delivered through a voice and chat-based session. Students can submit their questions in advance, though that is not necessary; however, it will enable the VTA to be prepped in advance and before the weekly – group/ on-demand session.


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