Focus EduSolutions is revolutionizing workforce readiness by bridging the gap between higher education and industry education in creating truly innovative micro-credentials that are built to the needs of the industry today and the job demands of tomorrow. We are committed to empowering our higher education partners in strengthening their role in workforce education in their local economies and committed to our industry partners in working with them to create truly transformational learning products for their workforce. To meet the educational, sociological, and economic changes of the future, higher education and industry must work together to meet the needs of all learners, who are our future. Focus EduSolutions is changing the future of workforce education in America.


Focus EduSolutions is a Boston-based education e-solutions company that offers Online Program Management and Micro-Credential development to colleges, universities, and industry partners. We are partnered with institutions and associations across the US, bringing value to both our higher education and industry partners.

Our Guarantee

All of our education and workforce development solutions are built with strong industry research, full content development and instructional design with highly qualified subject matter experts, a full suite of marketing services, enrollment and retention programs, and industry partnership alignment to institutions.

Our products are high-quality interactive, immersive, and real-world learning experiences for our learners.


We bring higher education and the industry together to create quality workforce development solutions in the form of industry backed micro-credentials that are focused on creating a more equitable, sustainable, and technologically advanced world. We create credentials across many industries and are truly working with the industry to revolutionize workforce readiness, while creating truly innovate credentials for our college and university partners across the US.

Focus EduSolutions has also created over 80,000 hours of workforce and training content for local and state government organizations, national associations, corporate partners, and K-12 school systems.

Online Program Management

We develop complete online degree programs across a variety of disciplines, where we provide research, marketing, and student support services for all OPM institution partners.

Micro-Credentials Have a Role to Play in Social and Environmental Change

We are creating micro-credentials that promote the sustainability of our planet, through green, renewable, and sustainable practices across many industries. We are creating credentials that promote the technologies that will allow us to become a more sustainable earth across industries, such as those in advanced manufacturing, construction, supply chain, more. We are developing credentials that will meet the need of the increased demand for more inclusive work environments and an equitable society that is positioned well for future generations. We are committed to the use of micro-credentials as gateway education into the jobs and industries that have long been blocked by expensive educational barriers to entry, which has negatively impacted communities of color for too long. We are committed to creating industry education that provides opportunity and access to younger generations looking for more fiscally conscious options to obtaining their career goals and getting the skills they need to be successful in many industries. We are committed to creating industry education that serves the needs of employers now, that will help to fill the job demands of today with a workforce that understands the new and emerging technologies that are transforming those industries. We are committed to working with our higher education partners to better understand their local economies, job demands, and industry trends, to create credentials that will serve and grow their communities.


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Online Program Management Services (OPM)

Services include:

  • Full online degree program course development
  • Marketing
  • Enrollment management
  • Retention tracking and planning
  • Student support
  • Career services

Cost: No upfront cost

Commercials: Revenue sharing agreement

Duration: 5–7-year partnerships agreements

Micro-Credential Services

Services include:

  • Comprehensive industry research
  • Industry backed content
  • Full credential development
  • Marketing
  • Student support
  • Career services
  • Grant writing support services

Cost: No upfront cost

Commercials: Revenue Sharing Agreement

Duration: 3-5 year partnership agreements

Fee For Service – Al La Carte

Services include:

  • Online course development
  • Corporate training development
  • Marketing
  • Student support services
  • Enrollment management

Commercials: Retainer + Media Spends

Duration: 1-3 year agreements




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