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Industry Partnerships

Let's partner together to upskill and re-skill the workforce of today.

Let's Work Together

We bridge the gaps between higher education and industry, by creating micro-credentials and bootcamps that are built by industry experts and backed by professional associations of the industry. It is critical that our micro-credentials and bootcamps provide the skills and competencies needed to be successful in the industry in real-time, enabling our industry partners to up-skill and reskill their workforce to meet changing industry demands now.

We have a strong ecosystem that brings together key players in the pursuit of both industry education and personal professional development, this includes our higher education partners, professional associations, and industry organizations.

With our partners, we are committed to creating micro-credentials and bootcamps that promote a sustainable and equitable world across a number of industries such as manufacturing, construction, logistics, food truck entrepreneurship, cannabis education, insurance industry, and more!

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The Key Players

The collaboration between colleges, universities, associations, and organizations plays a critical role in the creation and recognition of micro-credentials and bootcamps, ensuring that individuals have the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their careers, and that industries have access to a skilled workforce.


Organizations offer crucial input into the development of bootcamp curricula and recognize the value of micro-credentials, promoting their importance and raising awareness of their benefits

Colleges and Universities

Colleges and universities provide the infrastructure and academic rigor required to develop and deliver high-quality educational programs


Associations bring together subject matter experts who provide insight into the needs and trends of their industry

Your Role as Our Partner

The Crucial Role of Organizations

Organizations play a crucial role in the development and recognition of bootcamps and micro-credentials. By providing input into the development of bootcamp curricula, organizations can help to ensure that these programs are relevant and aligned with industry needs. They can also provide funding for bootcamps or sponsor individuals to participate in them, which can make these programs more accessible to individuals who may not have the financial means to participate.

In addition, organizations can play a key role in recognizing the value of micro-credentials. By acknowledging and promoting these targeted skills and competencies, organizations can help to raise awareness of the benefits of acquiring them. This can lead to greater adoption of micro-credentials and a more skilled workforce overall. Overall, organizations' involvement in bootcamps and micro-credentials can help to ensure that individuals have the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their careers and that the industry has access to a pipeline of skilled workers.

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The Role of Colleges and Universities

Colleges and universities play a critical role in providing micro-credentials and bootcamps to students and professionals. Micro-credentials are a flexible, stackable, and industry-relevant form of recognition that acknowledges the acquisition of specific skills or competencies. By partnering with a diverse range of institutions, including private and public institutions, HBCUs, HSIs, Land-grant Institutions, Technical Colleges, and Community Colleges, they can offer industry-relevant, rigorous, and credible micro-credentials that help individuals to acquire new skills and meet the demands of the rapidly changing job market.

Furthermore, institutions of higher education can leverage their existing infrastructure and academic resources to develop and deliver micro-credentials and bootcamps. They can use their faculty members to design and teach courses, offer online learning platforms, provide student support services, and issue certifications. They can also establish evaluation and assessment mechanisms to ensure that these programs are rigorous and relevant to industry needs. By partnering with reputable institutions, they can establish trust and credibility in the micro-credentialing process, making it more valuable to both students and employers.

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Professional Associations Play a Strong Role

Professional associations play a critical role in offering micro-credentials and bootcamps to individuals in their respective industries. As experts in their field, they possess keen insights into the needs, trends, and future of their industry. By partnering with associations, individuals can receive micro-credentials and bootcamps that are designed and developed by professionals who live and work in the industry on a daily basis, ensuring that the credentials are relevant and in-demand.

Associations can provide a platform for individuals to network and connect with other professionals in their industry, creating opportunities for collaboration and career advancement. They can also promote education and professional development within their industry, encouraging individuals to acquire new skills and credentials to meet the demands of the rapidly changing job market.

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