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Food Truck Entrepreneurship

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The food segment held the largest revenue share of more than 75.8% in 2021. Fast food consumption has increased significantly in the U.S. owing to low cost, convenience, and a variety of menus & flavors offered. Barbecue, hamburgers, sandwiches, tacos, hot dogs, meatless protein, vegan meat blends and plant-based food products are some of the popular items consumed.

Food truck operators are increasingly adopting vans and buses owing to their easy mobility and lower operational costs, which is significantly contributing to the segment growth. A rise in demand for a unique consumer experience along with the online delivery segment is the major factor driving growth of this segment.

Upon completion of a Food Truck Entrepreneurship 2.0 micro-credential program, learners will be eligible to apply for licenses and permits required for an owner of a food truck. Learners can also take the exam and obtain a ServSafe Manager certificate, and Food Handler Certificate, as most states require at least one person per shift to have a ServSafe Manager Certificate. Further, in most states, all employees must have a Food Handler Certificate.

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Industry Trends and Rationale

Why Now?

There is now a culture supporting the food truck industry in an unprecedented way. The appetite for innovation continues today and has spawned excellent established restaurants and brands run by talented people who got their start behind the wheel!

Market Value

The US food truck market value in 2022 was $1.2 billion.

Market Size

A food truck industry analysis predicts an increase in market size by of 3.4% in 2022.

Industry Growth

From 2017 to 2022, the food truck industry grew 13.7%.

Course Outcomes

Starting a new food truck is challenging, and the planning process takes time. As with anything worthwhile, there is a lot more that goes into owning and running a food truck. Therefore, it’s vital to realize the challenges involved beforehand. This credential has a focused curriculum with an aim to enhance the skills and knowledge needed to be employed on a food truck or to own and successfully operate a food truck. The skills and knowledge gained through this credential are highly relevant and in demand in the job market. By the end of this certification, learners should be ready to develop a business plan to create a menu, correctly price products, buy a food truck, obtain needed permits, follow local regulations, efficiently run a business, and market a food truck business to maximize profits.

The Curriculum Details Very Broadly Covered

Module 1 - Industry Overview

Module 2 - Market Research, Branding, and Marketing

Module 3 - Business and Financial Plan Lite

Module 4 - Menu Design

Module 5 - Purchasing and Inventory

Module 6 - Human Resources Plan

Module 7 - Local Regulations

Module 8 - Working with Organizers

The Food Truck Entrepreneur credential will prepare learners for job titles including Food truck owner, Food truck manager, Food truck supervisor, and Food truck team member.


Salary details:

Food truck manager: $37,000

For employees assisting on a food truck: The minimum wage varies from state to state and ranges from $7.25 to $15.

This credential will equip learners with the following skills and work competencies:

  • Business planning
  • Project management
  • Menu design
  • Menu planning
  • Inventory control
  • Food safety
  • Marketing
  • Networking
  • Customer service
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