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Trucking Brokerage 

Moving Your Career Forward in Transportation and Shipping

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trucking brokerage


Navigating the Supply Chain

The transportation or shipping process includes a number of key players, including Motor Carriers and Freight Brokers as defined by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA).

A freight broker is a middleman working with the shippers/manufacturers needing to move their products and the carriers/trucks authorized to take possession of and haul freight. Freight brokers can be known by many different names within the transportation industry, such as: transportation broker, truck broker, trucking broker, and load broker.

A freight broker agent, or freight agent, works under a freight brokerage, generally by contract.

The potential of this market is huge, that is why big players are entering this market.


Course Overview:

This course will guide the student through the fundamentals of freight brokerage operations and motor carrier operations, and help the learner develop excellent communication, ethical, organizational, and coordinating skills. This certificate addresses the skills gaps that exist in the trucking brokerage industry by providing the learner with knowledge about freight cargo assets, and an overview of how to protect freight services from cyber-security threats in the modern era. By the end of this certification, a student should be job-ready and be ready to become a profitable member of a carrier.


The Curriculum Details Very Broadly Covered

Module 1 – Fundamentals of Freight Brokerage & Motor Carrier Operations

Module 2 - Roles and Responsibilities of a Transportation Freight Broker

Module 3 - Time Zone Maps and Military Time

Module 4 - Freights and Cargo

Module 5 - Skills and Best Practices of an Effective FBA

Module 6 - Fundamentals of Freight Brokerage & Motor Carrier Operations

Module 7 - Trucking Load Rates

Module 8 – Time Management and Customer Goals

The Trucking Brokerage credential will prepare learners to take on roles with a wide range of operations.

Agents can work with General Freight motor carriers or Specialty Freight motor carriers.

Corporate Agents can work exclusively with a single corporation.

Agents can work inclusively or exclusively with Railroad entities or with airlines.

Agents can work with Import/ Export Freight Forward Agents.

Corporate Agents can work with a small co-op of like companies, i.e., Distribution centers & Manufacturers.

Skilled Agents can work as Broker Agent Supervisors & Managers.

Motor Carrier Dispatcher: $45,000

Freight Brokerage Agent: $70,000

This credential will equip learners with the following skills and work competencies:

  • Written and oral communication
  • Management
  • Negotiation
  • Customer service
  • Technical skills (Computer operations)
  • Financial competency
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