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Top 10 Best Programs to Know if You Want a Career in Data Analytics

Data analytics are an essential component of successful businesses and their strategies. Data analysts are responsible for collecting, organizing, and reporting data to identify trends and statistics that a company can use to its advantage. Technological advancements help make data collection and reporting easier. Here are some of the best programs and software to know how to use if you are interested in a career in data analytics. 

Microsoft Excel 

Excel is a great tool for collecting and sorting data. You can use formulas to make faster calculations.


Python is a software for data analysts that is a programming language. It is considered easy for users to learn. 


This software is a popular program used to manage data sets in various forms, such as graphs and charts. 


This is a large database management system that is widely used and boasts some large companies that use the software, such as Facebook and LinkedIn. 


This software provides numerous tools to the user for analyzing data and offers educational sections on their site for self-guided use. 


This software allows the user to review business metrics within an organized dashboard and review data to help with business strategies. 

Google Analytics 

Google offers its analytical program for businesses looking to track data from traffic on their website. This will show the performance of their company’s site. 

Zoho Analytics 

This highly rated software allows users to not only analyze the collected data but to also create visual representations of their data and information. 

Qlik Sense 

This program is designed for users to customize it to their business tasks and is a helpful tool for analyzing data sets. 

Microsoft Power BI

This is a group of software programs and services that Microsoft offers to help users organize, analyze, and present data to improve businesses. It can handle a variety of data analytic projects. 

For more details on data analytics, the industry, academics, and career opportunities, check out today. 

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